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Partagas Serie P. No. 2 (6.1"x 52)

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Partagas Serie P No.2 - 25 cigars [6.1" x 52]

The Partagas Serie P No 2 provides an excellent draw with lots of smoke with every draw.


• This cigar is hand made from tobacco leaves which are carefully chosen and grown in the region of Vuelta Abajo in Cuba

• True Cuban cigar aficionados value this Piramides from Partagas as one of the best of this format.


A superb smoke in the old Cuban tradition with strong, rich, earthy flavors


The Partagas Serie P No 2 comes in semi boite nature box of 25 cigars with Habanos Packing Code SBN-UW-C/L-12,13-n-25



Length: 156mm

Diameter: 20.64mm

Ring Gauge: 52

Shape:  Pyramid



The wrapper glistens with an oily sheen. Simply takes your breath away. 


Smoking Notes:


Before lighting up

Pre-light aroma is of hay and caramelized sugar.


Burn/ Draw

Construction is terrific with and even slow burn.


Initial third:

After lighting the foot, the initial flavor is very well balanced with tastes as varied as white pepper, cream, and roasted nuts. The texture is bready. There is a little spice and some kick. The profile is decidedly medium-bodied.


Middle third:

The second third of the cigar the flavors of moss, black coffee, cream, chocolate, cashews and chewy leather are present, and the finish of light spices and cedar  is a nice addition to the smooth flavors on the forefront. The burn line is still even and slow.


Final third:

The last third remains consistent in flavor from light to nub. Aside from a gradual increase in intensity as the end draws near with a kick of nicotine, there aren’t many discernible changes in taste, save for a texture change from bready to syrupy.

In summary; a wonderful flavor, increasing in strength and depth to the end.


Smoking time:

60 - 90 Minutes